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About the building

Located on the corner of Parnassusweg, Arnold Schönberglaan, and Claude Debussylaan, The CubeHouse is the last missing puzzle piece of the Mahler plot. With its unique architectural design by SO-IL, The CubeHouse truly stands out from the crowd. Its open, inviting structure simultaneously fosters community connectivity and creates a sense of connection.  As such, it fits in perfectly with the Zuidas as a multifaceted district for people to live, work and visit.

The CubeHouse is born out of a shared ambition by G&S&, Arcadis, BNP Paribas and ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund to create the workplace of the future – right here, at the Zuidas. This holistic vision resulted in a hybrid-timber building that will be Paris Proof upon delivery in 2025, with a WELL-gold certified indoor climate and various unique features promoting sustainability and well-being.

For instance, energy at The CubeHouse is generated using PV-panels. The building is also ‘rainproof’, which means it can handle peak downpours of up to 60 mm per hour. And thanks to a grey water system, some of the rainwater is used to flush the toilets.

The Breathe Spaces, located at the sixth, seventh, and eight floor, connect the indoors and the outdoors. These buffer zones remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter, offering tenants a comfortable environment to sit, relax and/ or socialize during their breaks. The publicly accessible rooftop garden adds lush greenery to a rather petrified Zuidas. Here, employees and visitors can enjoy lunch outdoors, surrounded by biodiversity-boosting flora and fauna.

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Available office space:
Approx. 4,410 sq.m. LFA
The Cube (public plinth):
1200 sq.m. GFA
Bike parking:
Approx. 420 sq.m. GFA
Scheduled delivery:
Q4 2025

A building as unique as it gets 


The first hybrid-timber at the Amsterdam Zuidas

The CubeHouse isn’t your average office development. Not only will it be the first hybrid-timber building of the Zuidas, The CubeHouse will also be Paris Proof upon delivery, certified with a WELL-gold indoor climate, and various unique features promoting sustainability and well-being.


Extraordinary rooftop garden

The publicly accessible rooftop garden boosts health, wellbeing and enriches biodiversity of visitors of The CubeHouse.


Breathe Spaces that connect inside and outside

Enjoy an abundance of daylight and lush greenery at the three Breathe Spaces, connecting the interior office spaces and the outdoors.


Publically accessible

The publicly accessible ground floor, The Cube, is a place for socializing, collaborating, innovating and celebrating.


80% of energy generated from PV-panels

The main part of the building’s energy demand is generated sustainably, with PV-panels on the roofs and parts of the facade.


75% bio-based materials

The CubeHouse’ frame is built primarily using recycled and/ or biobased materials, mainly timber originating from sustainably managed forests.

Only 8 minutes from Amsterdam Central, Zuidasdok

Tenants of The CubeHouse are encouraged to bike to work. The ground floor offers ample parking space for bicycles, charging stations for e-bicycles and shared bike and scooter options. However, the building is also accessible for those traveling by car. Instead of parking on the street – which takes up an extraordinary amount of space -, tenants can park their car in the pre-existing underground Mahler parking garage. Because of this excellent accessibility, The CubeHouse perfectly aligns with the cities plans for the Zuidasdok. This plan envisions the Zuidas as Amsterdam’s second center, a well-connected, international area where working, living and enjoying life are all interconnected.

BREEAM Excellent
Bio-based materials
Paris Proof
Reuse grey water system
Rooftop garden
BREEAM Excellent

Rated ‘excellent’ according to the BREEAM standards, The CubeHouse scores very high as a sustainably built environment. Being BREEAM Excellent certified, means we work towards a holistic approach to achieve ESG (Environmental, Social and Governmental factor), health and net zero goals.

Bio-based materials

The CubeHouse is built using 75% reclaimed and/ or biobased materials for the structure, mainly timber. Biobased materials consist entirely of natural products, with the exclusion of fossil raw materials. About 13,000 m3 of sustainable timber will be used for The CubeHouse. This volume of timber will store up to 9,000 ton of CO2: this is as much as the emissions from the electricity consumption of 10,271 households in 1 year!

Paris Proof

The CubeHouse has an MPG score (rating environmental performance of buildings) of 0.595. This means that the building meets the embodied carbon objective of Paris Proof: material-related emissions according to DGBC calculation protocol amount to 110 kg CO2-eq per m2 GFA.

Reuse grey water system

A grey water reuse system is a great way to reduce water waste and promote sustainability. The water crates on the roof surfaces collect up to 175 m3 of water. This water is then, for example, used to flush the toilets.


To promote the health and well-being of the building’s tenants, The CubeHouse is designed with the WELL Building standard in mind. The shell is Well Gold-certified. This means that the users and visitors quality of life is at the top of our agenda.

Rooftop garden

The publicly accessible rooftop garden adds lush greenery to a rather petrified Zuidas. Here, tenants and visitors can enjoy lunch outdoors, surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna. Apart from boosting employees’ work pleasure and well-being, the rooftop garden ensures coolness when needed and store large amounts of water (after heavy rain fall). This combination of greenery and water storage, means that The CubeHouse will be a climate-adaptive office complex.

Development timeline 

2023 Q2:
Submit environmental permit

2023 Q4:
Expected approval environmental permit

2023 Q4:
Start construction The CubeHouse

2025 Q4:
Scheduled delivery of The CubeHouse

Available office spaces 

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