The CubeHouse is the result of a shared ambition by all involved partners 

Powerhouse Company

Many things in life are better done together. This also certainly applies for creating a future-proof, highly ambitious and exciting development as The CubeHouse. Envisioning and realizing a mixed-use, next-generation office building was only possible through strong collaboration between renowned real estate developer G&S&, New York-based architecture firm SO-IL, investor ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund and launching tenants Arcadis and BNP Paribas. Together, we give shape to the workplace of the future – in the heart of Amsterdam’s Zuidas.

All five parties brought their own particular set of expertise to the table. Together, we wanted to create a building that not only wants to check a couple of boxes, but that maximizes in every aspect. An open and transparent office building that connects different worlds, while honoring its environment by being Paris Proof, Well Gold, innovative and smart. We are proud to say that with The CubeHouse we exceeded our own expectations; adding the last missing puzzle piece to a unique Zuidas location, but also starting a new era for the Zuidas.

G&S& Partner


G&S& is a progressive and award-winning Amsterdam-based urban developer. For them, real estate is so much more than just buildings. It’s about building timeless communities that serve neighborhoods and cities for many years to come. Driven by passion and curiosity, and forever inspired by collaboration, G&S& aims to elevate the way people live, work and relax.
Inspired to create sustainable environments and to add value, G&S& spearheaded the development of The CubeHouse. As a developer with a strong connection to the Zuidas, G&S& was excited to co-create the first hybrid timber building of the Zuidas, offering tenants a sustainable, creative and productive environment.
soil partner


SO-IL is an internationally recognized and award-winning architectural design firm based in New York. Founded in 2008 by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu, SO-IL creates environments and objects that inspire long-lasting societal engagement.
With The CubeHouse, SO-IL designed a building that has a great impact in terms of aesthetics, sustainability and health. Its contrasting design celebrates complexity while using forms we all can understand. A building that excels in so many areas that it can already be labeled as unique in its kind.
a.s.r. real estate partner

ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund

As an investor, a.s.r. is constantly working on sustainable growth of their real estate portfolio. A great accessibility, social impact, well-being and sustainability are all important factors to consider. In the past, they have purchased several objects which were developed by G&S&, such as Wonderwoods in Utrecht.
In the long term, a.s.r. expects the role of offices to change. The office building of the future is a transparent, dynamic space, connecting people and environments in new ways. This vision is already incorporated in The CubeHouse.
Gemeente Amsterdam Partner Cube House

Arcadis and BNP Paris Bas

Arcadis and BNP Paris Bas are the very first tenants of The CubeHouse. Both companies have a strong connection to the Zuidas and regard it as a very sustainable and future-proof location.
The CubeHouse is located directly to the Zuidas Station, which is incredibly beneficial for the companies’ employees. Also the fact that the Zuidas is frequented by a young generation, is interesting for both companies as it connects them to tomorrow’s workforce. Add to this the optimal conditions created for well-being and health of people and there you have it: the perfect future-proof office, according to Arcadis and BNP Paris Bas.

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